Control and monitoring of the Cannavino Viaduct

SOCOTEC Italy brings its expertise in control and monitoring on the Cannavino viaduct.

Key Information

Project name: Surveys to monitoring the Cannavino Viaduct

Date: 2016 - 2017

Clients: Anas S.p.A

Location: Cosenza Italy



Project Summary

Anas SpA has carried out several interventions on the Cannavino Viaduct: in a first phase, in order to improve transit, it has eliminated the depressions on the slab and reduced the vibrations suffered by the structure when heavy vehicles pass through; in a second phase, it is expected to implement seismic adaptation of the infrastructure.

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Donato FIORE

Geophysical Division Senior Manager, SOCOTEC Italy

Geophysical Division Senior Manager, SOCOTEC Italy

Riccardo Mazza

Infrastructure Monitoring Senior Manager

Infrastructure Monitoring Senior Manager

Project Details

The activities under the DGACQ 15-14 Framework Agreement were aimed at identifying the causes that generate failure phenomena in the viaduct, detecting the behaviour of the infrastructure over time and then verifying the phenomena occurring at the same time.

The measurement and control of the physical-mechanical parameters (temperature, displacements, rotations) collected at defined time intervals described the interactions between the structure and the surrounding environment through

  • Dual station interferometric monitoring,
  • Instrumental monitoring with strain gauge bars,
  • Thermal monitoring with thermocouples and meteorological station,
  • 3D laser scanner monitoring,
  • Topographic monitoring,
  • Installation of a remote alarm system.

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