SOCOTEC provides structural planning, examinations and ongoing verification of structures at the Duisburg-North Landscape Park in Duisburg, Germany



Name: Duisburg-North Landscape Park
Client: Duisburg Marketing GmbH, Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord
Date: Since 2004
Size: 180 hectares 
Place: Duisburg, Germany


The Duisburg-North Landscape Park is an old industrial site that has been converted into an adventure park attracting thousands of visitors every year for big events and exclusive behind-the-scenes tours. SOCOTEC provided structural planning and examinations during the conversion process in 2004 and has provided continuous verification of the physical structures since 2008.


A former industrial site turned multifunctional adventure park, the 188 ha brownfield Landscape Park is located in Duisburg, Germany.

SOCOTEC played a key role in the remodelling and conversion process, verifying 88 of the park’s structures, many of which were former steelworks, and ensuring that historical monument protection laws and requirements were respected. The scope of the work included structural examinations and calculations for a youth and apprenticeship hotel and the former gas headquarters, as well as verifying the structural stability, conservation and longevity of each of the site’s structures.

Each building at the Landscape Park went through a unique verification process, with each validation data sheet being designed to match the specific requirements of each building style.

SOCOTEC’s mission on this project was to collect all essential information in order to minimise the life cycle costs and maximise the conservation value of the park. To fulfill these goals, SOCOTEC implemented its INTERPROJECT system, which was customized to meet the Landscape Park’s specific requirements, in order to predict maintenance costs and provide a plan for durable quality management of the park.  

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Authorized Officer and Signatory, Division Head of ZPP, SOCOTEC Germany

Authorized Officer and Signatory, Division Head of ZPP, SOCOTEC Germany

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