A30 works testing and compliance in UK

SOCOTEC provides on-site testing facility for A30 road improvement project in Cornwall, UK


Project name: A30 works testing and compliance
Date: Summer 2017
Length: 18-month contract
Client: Kier
Size: Development of 4.5km of dual carriageway
Location: Cornwall, UK
Contact: Charlotte Hughes


The A30 forms the main transportation route connecting the county of Cornwall to the rest of Britain. This project involved the complete construction of two additional lanes and three grade-separated bridges at strategic locations along a newly created dual carriageway.

To ensure that construction resources and the materials were being handled consistently, met required specifications and were compliant with relevant regulations, Kier, the primary contractor, awarded SOCOTEC an 18-month contract to provide a UKAS-accredited on-site testing facility.

This supported project requirements during construction for earthworks, structures, drainage and carriageway testing. As part of this agreement, SOCOTEC provided a full range of multi-disciplinary testing and reporting services to support the road’s expansion and simplify the compliance process for Kier.

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"As we didn’t have to leave the site to send samples to SOCOTEC, the whole compliance process was made much simpler. The fact that we had one point of contact for all support as well as one monthly invoice streamlined our operations and helped us save both time and money.

SOCOTEC’s approach meant the team was able to respond to real-time demands and provide us with an excellent level of service, helping us minimise disruption for holiday and weekend travellers.

This new stretch of road will undoubtedly boost the local economy and strengthen Cornwall’s ties to the rest of the UK. We’re thankful to SOCOTEC experts for supporting us with a fast and flexible materials testing service."

Steve Mack, Project Manager, Kier

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