Three types of service

Strengthened by its position as a trusted partner to its client companies, the SOCOTEC Group helps clients of all sizes and from all sectors to conduct their daily operations throughout the life cycle of their projects. As a major player in TIC, the SOCOTEC Group offers three broad families of services:
Testing, Inspection and Certification, which cover a very wide range of expertise.


    Testing includes all types of tests, measurements and analyses carried out on a product or object to determine its composition or characteristics and to measure compliance with initial specifications and with regulatory safety and quality standards, and to ensure it is apt for specific uses. In the SOCOTEC Group, Testing more specifically concerns two business lines: Infrastructure & Energy and Environment & Safety.


    Inspection and verification are central to SOCOTEC’s original core business. The Group’s assignments in this area give clients reliable information on the conformity of their engineering structures, facilities and equipment. They also provide clients with information on their performance and the potential risks in the fields of buildings, infrastructure and industry. We conduct these assignments during the design, construction and commissioning phases. Thereafter, we conduct them periodically during the asset’s lifecycle. Their aim is to optimise reliability, control quality and guarantee the safety and durability of our clients’ business activity.


    All over the world, specialist SOCOTEC Group subsidiaries certify organisations’ management systems to international standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and so on. In France, SOCOTEC Certification France also certifies certain services and the skills of building auditors and air conditioning inspectors. Since 2018, SOCOTEC Certification France has also been offering a complete range of BIM* certification services aimed at recognising people’s and companies’ knowledge and skills, as well as the quality of digital models.

    SOCOTEC works with companies to place training at the heart of risk prevention and performance improvement. Its training centres are located all over France and include facilities that reproduce real working conditions to enable skills development and practical evaluations in the fields of occupational health and safety, construction, real estate and nuclear energy

*BIM : Building Information Modelling