Training/Continuous Professional Development

The SOCOTEC Institut de Formation (SOCOTEC’s Training Institute) will support you in your accident prevention programme by providing training in health, safety, security and working conditions, as well as in construction and property management.

For strengthening your skills to improve risk prevention

Training/Continuous Professional Development If you want to train your staff, enhance your employees’ skills, ensure you satisfy compliance rules, and make yourself fully ready to respond to new challenges, SOCOTEC’s Training Institute can assist you by providing training that meets your requirements.

SOCOTEC’s Training Institute will support you by proposing training in the areas of health and safety at work, construction and property management, placing skills development at the heart of risk prevention and performance improvement. It also provides training targeted specifically at the nuclear sector and industrial maintenance through specialist subsidiary SOCOTEC Formation Nucléaire which, since 15 January 2016, combines the Group’s SIFOP and SOFRANEXT entities.

In France, the Training Institute trains 150,000 people every year in more than 20,000 inter-company training sessions organised in 66 French cities. Its clients have access to 34 training centres, including five that specialise in the nuclear sector. Located throughout the country, most of these centres have premises specially fitted out for apprenticeships and practical assessments.

All the training provided by the Training Institute’s 260 training and advisory staff is intended to make a contribution to risk management. It is aimed both at senior executives and at company managers and employees in all business sectors, and can be integrated into courses that qualify as periods of professional training and training plans.
Constructed so as to be in tune with companies’ real issues, the courses are designed to promote behavioural change by helping to remove barriers and involve every employee in the use of best practices, the overall goal being to put each company’s safety policy on a firm footing and make it last through time.

Whether in terms of designing a training plan for Health & Safety at Work or preparing and running training courses adapted to your employees and work environment, SOCOTEC’s Training Institute can provide the answers suited to your needs and ensures that your safety and prevention policy is consistently applied at all levels of your company.

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