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Manufacturers, service providers and local authorities: SOCOTEC will support you in all projects requiring assessment or assistance in terms of employee health and safety or protecting the environment, as well as in your performance improvement programmes.

For protecting people and their environment

QHSE SOCOTECAs an industrial company running multiple sites, SME/SMI, public or quasi-public body, or local authority, you wish to have complete control of your risks, improve your performance, respect the environment and protect the health of your staff at work.

SOCOTEC can help you:

  • to define a QHSE and Sustainable Development strategy and the targets to be achieved;
  • to anticipate the regulatory and technical constraints applicable to your projects and your activities;
  • to protect the environment: air, water and soil, and to recycle waste;
  • to minimise the risks of accidents and nuisance at work;
  • to establish an integrated QSE management system;
  • to measure and obtain recognition for your social responsibility performance;
  • to conduct your business consistently with the objective of Sustainable Development.

SOCOTEC can help you at all stages of your project, whether in relation to a new or existing installation:

  • before operations begin, to help you to obtain the necessary administrative authorisations (impact studies, hazard assessments, fauna and flora surveys, etc.) and negotiate the regulatory requirements;
  • in operation, to help you to limit impacts and the risks of accidents;
  • when closing down an activity or relaunching a new project, to ensure the complete restoration of your site.

SOCOTEC has also developed a Health & Product Safety offering for European and international markets to help companies, particularly manufacturers, meet their challenges.
The offering covers health impacts related to chemicals, in the broadest sense of the word: basic chemicals, intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), biocides, phyto-pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, mixtures and chemicals in articles. SOCOTEC provides companies with support in three major areas: product safety, occupational health and environmental health.
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On a daily basis, SOCOTEC can advise you how to improve the organisation and running of your business, and to measure and optimise the performance of your processes, while maintaining the maximum level of safety for your employees and of protection of the environment. In order to achieve the targets set, SOCOTEC can help you to implement your strategy by means of risk analysis and a high-performance management system.

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