At SOCOTEC we serve professional clients from a wide range of sectors including construction, real estate, industry, health and services and have structured the Group's development around six distinctive yet complementary business lines: Construction & Real estate, Infrastructure, Technical Inspection & Verification, Environment & Safety, Training/Continuous Professional Development, Certification.

The role of these business units is to contribute to our clients' satisfaction by offering them a comprehensive response to the challenges they face regarding risk management through all-round expertise and competence.

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Public and private owners, property developers, construction firms, investors, owners or managers of housing stock: SOCOTEC supports you at every stage of your construction projects and then throughout the lifecycle of your buildings.


Infrastructure et Energie

SOCOTEC assists public authorities, private owners, operators, equipment suppliers, construction companies, engineering consultants, investors and insurers with the design, construction, operation, maintenance and renovation of transport and energy infrastructure.



Operators of equipment, whether new or already in service from all sectors of activity: SOCOTEC will support you to ensure the safety of your installations and improve their performance.



Manufacturers, service providers and local authorities: SOCOTEC will support you in all projects requiring assessment or assistance in terms of employee health and safety or protecting the environment, as well as in your performance improvement programmes.


Training/Continuous Professional Development

The SOCOTEC Institut de Formation (SOCOTEC’s Training Institute) will support you in your accident prevention programme by providing training in health, safety, security and working conditions, as well as in construction and property management.


certification SOCOTEC

SOCOTEC Certification International’s specialist subsidiaries offer certification services for all companies and local government authorities, no matter what their size or type.