DIMMS Group becomes SOCOTEC Italia

DIMMS becomes SOCOTEC Italia

DIMMS Group, the Italian leader in inspection, measurements and analysis in the infrastructure and oil & gas sectors, joined the SOCOTEC Group in June 2018 and is now operating under the SOCOTEC name and brand.

Headed by Massimo De Iasi, who founded the company in 1992, SOCOTEC Italia specialises in geophysical and geotechnical surveys (onshore and offshore), laboratory tests and analyses (soil, rock, construction materials and water) and environmental measurements and analysis.

To fulfil its mission of risk prevention and safety for infrastructure and energy projects, it works on all types of transport networks (roads, railways, ports, tunnels, metro systems, etc.) and conducts ground investigations in both onshore and offshore environments. The company carries out over 3 million tests a year.

The SOCOTEC brand is being rolled out locally at all five of SOCOTEC Italia’s locations (offices and laboratories) : Milan, Avellino, Bologna, Ferrare and Ancona. And to its 25 mobile laboratories, vehicle fleet and communications media.

Visit its new website : www.socotec.it