Four types of service

Risk management, the SOCOTEC Group’s core business, is carried out through four major types of service covering a wide range of expertise. Drawing on our know-how, we support our clients upstream and throughout the lifecycle of their projects.

  • Inspection and measurement

    Inspection and measurement are central to SOCOTEC’s business. Our assignments in this area give clients reliable information on the conformity of their engineering structures, facilities and equipment. They also provide clients with information on their performance and the potential risks in the fields of buildings, infrastructure and industry. We conduct these assignments during the design, construction and commissioning phases. Thereafter, we conduct them periodically during the asset’s lifecycle. Their aim is to optimise reliability, control quality and guarantee the safety and durability of our clients’ business activity.
  • Assistance and consultancy

    Anticipating risks and constantly improving performance require support that we provide to our clients through our assistance and consultancy services.Our assistance activities give clients the benefit of our experience and technical skills. In our consultancy activity, we work with our clients to help them analyse the issues they face and then support them in the coordination of their improvement programmes.
  • Certification

    Through certification, a key element in continuous improvement, clients can achieve third-party recognition of the performance of their management systems, services, products, buildings and employee skills. All over the world, specialist SOCOTEC Group subsidiaries certify organisations’ management systems to international standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and so on. In France, SOCOTEC Certification also certifies certain services and the skills of building auditors and air conditioning inspectors.
  • Training

    SOCOTEC organises courses on health and safety at work, construction and property management, placing skills development at the heart of risk prevention and performance improvement. In France, the Institut de formation SOCOTEC has 35 training centres and 250 trainers. They offer clients courses with a large practical component, learning platforms resembling working situations, regularly updated training programmes to reflect regulatory changes and e-learning courses.