Providing Building Envelope Consulting Services for a Progressive Mixed-Use Development in Boston.


Project name: 1265 Main Street

Date: April 2021

Clients: Embargoed

Location: Boston, MA

Size : 250,000 gsf


SOCOTEC’s Building Envelope division was contracted to provide exterior wall, roofing, and waterproofing consulting and monitoring services for a 6-story lab and office building including four (4) parking levels and a 2-story mechanical penthouse as well as two (2) retail pavilions housing common amenities and a plaza with outdoor seating opportunities.

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Alexander ARGENTO

Senior Vice President at Vidaris, USA

Senior Vice President at Vidaris, USA


The Project will incorporate the following five exterior wall systems:
  • curtain wall,
  • entrances & storefronts;
  • terrace doors;
  • metal panel,
  • and rooftop screen wall. 
We anticipate the Project will incorporate the following four roofing and waterproofing systems:
  • below-grade waterproofing,
  • plaza waterproofing,
  • sixth floor landscaped area waterproofing system,
  • and top of house roof system.

In addition, we anticipate two specialty glazing wall systems, one for each of the Retail Nexus Pavilions.

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