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14/01/2020 | SOCOTEC reinforces its international footprint in the USA and Germany

The SOCOTEC group has acquired 2 companies end of 2019, beginnning of 2020, reinforcing its international footprint in 2 of its major platforms : the USA and Germany.

  • CPAG (Construction Project Analytics Group) is a best-in-class project management and dispute resolution company in the construction and infrastructure sectors based in the USA (Maryland and California). 2019 turnover : 3,7MEuros.
  • Pfülb is a company specialized in infrastructure engineering services for bridges. Composed of 13 experts engineers and based in Bavaria, the company will complete ZPP portfolio of activities (acquired in 2017 and specialized in engineering services in infrastructure and tunnels) and will add consistency to SOCOTEC Germany development.

These acquisitions are at the heart of the SOCOTEC group expansion strategy, consisting of completing its international platforms (expertise and strong foothold).


09/12/2019 | SOCOTEC accelerates U.S. growth with acquisition of dispute resolution and project risk management services platform, as well as Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Investment.

The SOCOTEC group, one of Europe’s largest providers of testing, inspection and certification services for construction and infrastructure sites, today announced the acquisition of DPA (“David Pattillo & Associates”), a highly respected provider of dispute resolution and project risk management services to the US construction market.



03/09/2019 | SOCOTEC group strengthens its international position through acquisition of Vidaris, in the USA

SOCOTEC, a leading European company of testing, inspection and certification services, #1 in technical control in the construction field in France, has acquired US-leading Vidaris, Inc., a multidisciplinary consultancy, to build its American platform.



15/07/2019 | Being consistent with its mainstream strategy, the SOCOTEC group has sold its SOCOTEC Oil and Gas entity and continues focusing on its core strategic activities

The SOCOTEC Group, sold its subsidiary SOCOTEC Oil and Gas to Interholding Group on the 15th of July. After an important acquisition track record done in the last 2 years, the SOCOTEC group aims at concentrating on its core activities while opening a new external growth sequence on its verticals by 2024 in order to take the international leadership.



25/04/2019 | SOCOTEC acquires Expert Habitat & Industrie Groupe to become french leader in real estate audits and asbestos surveys

The SOCOTEC Group, a major player in TIC in Europe and trusted partner to its clients, has announced the acquisition of Expert Habitat & Industrie Groupe. The company is among the leaders in real estate audits and asbestos surveys in France and will reinforce SOCOTEC’s specialist activity in this field. Together, this new network of services will generate revenue of over €50 million and aims to be the number one in its market.



16/04/2019 | SOCOTEC Group adds building control to its range of UK services

The SOCOTEC Group is broadening its range of services in the UK through the acquisition of Butler & Young Group Ltd. B&Y will reinforce SOCOTEC UK, the SOCOTEC Group’s UK subsidiary, which is a leading operator in testing in the infrastructure and construction sectors. SOCOTEC is the leader in technical inspection in France, where it generates €100 million in revenue in this field, and is a major European player in TIC1 and a trusted partner to its client companies.



06/03/2019 | In a first in France, SOCOTEC delivers Bim Model – As Built certification for a structure built by Nexity in partnership with Engie-Axima

The SOCOTEC Group, a major player in risk management and trusted partner to its clients, has taken its deployment of BIM1 to a new level by delivering its first BIM Model – As Built certification to Nexity for its model of the Le Lauréat student accommodation building in Villejuif, near Paris. The BIM model was developed by SXD, a subsidiary of Engie-Axima. The SOCOTEC certification guarantees that the model is in compliance with the built structure.



05/03/2019 | DIMMS group, a major player in infrastructure inspection and testing, becomes SOCOTEC Italia

DIMMS Group, the Italian leader in inspection, measurements and analysis in the infrastructure and oil & gas sectors, joined the SOCOTEC Group in June 2018 and is now operating under the SOCOTEC name and brand.



04/03/2019 | SOCOTEC strengthens its infrastructure monitoring capabilities

SOCOTEC, the leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services in the UK, has enhanced its monitoring capabilities with the acquisition of Survey Associates Ltd, specialists in high quality manual survey monitoring, correlation and topographical surveys.



28/11/2018 | Accelerate digital transformation in the construction sector: socotec introduces four BIM* training modules

SOCOTEC is continuing its large-scale rollout of BIM through introducing training courses for all players involved in the construction industry, whether self-employed, very small, or small and medium-sized companies. The training rounds out the range of BIM services offered by the SOCOTEC Group, either through its own companies or the startup BIM in Motion, with which it entered into a partnership last summer. Services include technical inspection and H&S coordination in BIM mode, support services for construction project digitalisation (BIM Employers Representative, BIM Data, etc.) and for building operation, and BIM certifications.



08/11/2018 | SOCOTEC strengthens its position in Germany by acquiring Schollenberger Kampfmittelbergung Gmbh

The transaction represents the eighth acquisition in 2018. With this step SOCOTEC doubles its German revenue to over €80 million, making it one of the largest tic players in Germany in the building, real-estate and infrastructure sectors.



03/10/2018 | SOCOTEC launches integrated solution for end-to-end monitoring and risk control

SOCOTEC, the UK’S leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, has launched a new integrated solution for end-to-end monitoring and risk control, for major infrastructure and commercial developments.



30/08/2018 | SOCOTEC takes stake in pioneering startup BIM IN MOTION

The SOCOTEC Group has stepped up its Building Information Modelling (BIM) activities by taking a stake in French startup BIM in Motion. 
As a specialist in digitalisation of construction and real estate activities, BIM in Motion offers support and consultancy for project management with a range of Capex-stage Employers Representative services and BIM Management services.



28/06/2018 | Signature of cestas contract confirms socotec’s leadership in the renewable energy sector

SOCOTEC, a major player in risk management and trusted partner to its client companies, has strengthened its position in the photovoltaic market by winning the contract to perform periodic checks on Europe’s biggest PV power plant, located near Bordeaux, France. The contract is signed with Clemessy, the company in charge of operating the plant on behalf of the owner, Neoen.



22/06/2018 | Acquisition of DIMMS Group in italy: a 4th european platform for SOCOTEC

The SOCOTEC Group, a major player in TIC1 and trusted partner to client companies, is intensifying its expansion in Europe with the acquisition of DIMMS Group, the Italian leader in inspection, measurements and analysis in the infrastructure and oil & gas sectors.



31/05/2018 | SOCOTEC continues international expansion with four more acquisitions

The SOCOTEC Group, a major player in risk management and trusted partner to its client companies, continued its expansion with four acquisitions in the first four months of 2018: AJA Registrars Group, based in Asia, ITM in the UK, PSP in Germany and Axe QSE in Morocco.



28/05/2018 | World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) : SOCOTEC emerges as a key european player in the industry

From 26 to 28 June, the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) will bring together all players in the civil nuclear industry, including the SOCOTEC Group



06/04/2018 | SOCOTEC: Inauguration of Pierrelatte nuclear training centre

SOCOTEC Formation Nucléaire, one of the leaders in nuclear training in France, will hold the inauguration ceremony for its new nuclear training centre at Pierrelatte, southern France, on 25 April.



20/03//2018 | SOCOTEC creates a range of BIM services, asserting its role as key player in construction industry's digital transition

SOCOTEC is rolling out BIM on a large scale in 2018 and will present its broad range of services designed for BIM users at BIM WORLD in Paris on 28 and 29 March. The extremely innovative Employers Representative services and BIM certification scheme aim to help the construction industry’s digital transition and instil confidence in the market through clear standards and guidelines.


17/10/2017 | SOCOTEC : a new logo for new ambitions

The SOCOTEC Group is revealing its new logo today. This new version reflects the Group’s positioning and expansion goals.



03/10/2017 | The SOCOTEC Group is continuing its European expansion through the acquisition of ZPP Ingenieure

SOCOTEC has acquired a share of the capital of ZPP Ingenieure, a specialist in project management and inspection in Germany, to form its third European platform. The target is revenue of €40 million in Germany for 2017.



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