The SOCOTEC Certification International brand spreads to Asia

SOCOTEC Certification International 2

On 20 March, the SOCOTEC Group acquired the AJA Registrars Group, which specialises in the certification of management systems.

The subsidiaries based in Thailand and Singapore recently celebrated their adoption of the SOCOTEC Certification International brand (to be implemented in January 2019) at two client events. Following in the footsteps of these two subsidiaries, all of the Group's Certification subsidiaries will gradually take on the SOCOTEC Certification International brand in the first half of 2019.


Created in 1995, the AJA Registrars Group, which has six subsidiaries (Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, UK and US), shall strengthen the SOCOTEC Certification International network, which already comprises five subsidiaries (France, Japan, Philippines, UK, Singapore). Like the other SOCOTEC Certification subsidiaries, AJA Registrars is accredited by its host countries as well as JAZ/ANZ1.

This operation significantly boosts the Group's Certification business, which turns over €17 M, and strengthens SOCOTEC’s presence in Singapore, where it is now the main certification provider. It has also enabled the network to add three new locations to its portfolio: Bangkok, Hong Kong and Orlando.

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