Environmental support for the Lyon-Turin project

TELT 140x120Launched in 2014, the Franco-Italian rail link project is keeping many of SOCOTEC’s expert resources fully occupied. Our teams are playing a particularly important role in ensuring environmental compliance.

The project for a rail link between Lyon and Turin started in 2014. The 65-km route is dotted with engineering structures: an international station, tunnels, bridges, etc. 2018 marks the starting point of one of the most complex phases of the project, namely the creation of the Montcenis base tunnel, which consists of two 57-km long tracks that will link Saint-Jean de Maurienne and Suze. The project involves increasing numbers of key players as it progresses, including our teams from the Environment & Safety BU.

They will support the instructing party at all stages of the projects, through issue and environmental impact analysis, the development of an environmental management plan, followed by the monitoring of its implementation across all areas of the various project work sites: logistics bases, centres for the sorting and processing of excavated material, works zones, etc. One of their main focuses will be to ensure that environmental requirements relating in particular to natural or urban environmentally-sensitive areas are taken into account. 

The aim of their Environmental Coordination mission is to ensure total compliance with relevant legislation and the correct implementation of measures required by agencies responsible for environmental protection.