SOCOTEC participates in the Monaco coastal urbanisation project

Urbanisation mer Monaco SOCOTEC Our teams are participating in this unusual project being undertaken by the Principality. It aims to build a real estate complex on six hectares of land reclaimed from the sea.


The first activities concern the maritime infrastructure, on which this new eco-district will be built. It will be protected by a ring of concrete caissons that will be prefabricated in Marseille and then transported by sea and ballasted with backfill to be laid down on a bed of previously treated natural riprap. Veritable keystones, each caisson weighs 10,000 tonnes and is 25 m high.

To date, preparatory work has begun, rerouting utility networks and preparing the site (ecological work with the protection of sensitive ecological zones, moving protected species and dredging any soft seabed). SOCOTEC, which is active throughout the entire project, has the task, in particular, of monitoring the embankment and soil treatment work and the manufacture and installation of these caissons; it has also audited the design calculations ensuring the stability of the caissons.


More generally, our teams are playing a technical support role in the analysis of risks for the entire project. Together with our partner COWI (a Danish design consultancy) we are supervising the monitoring of environmental issues and checking the preparatory work, paying particular attention to the rerouting of seawater collection and discharge networks, the transplantation of several species of marine fauna and flora, the dredging of soil and the erection of an acoustic screen to limit the noise pollution coming from the construction site.

Once the maritime infrastructure has been completed, an eco-district of more than 60,000 m² of living space can be constructed, comprising several multi-family buildings, villas, a marina and more.

Delivery is scheduled for 2025.


Photo credit: Principality of Monaco, SAM L’Anse du Portier, Valode et Pistre Architecture, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Michel Desvigne Landscape Architects, O. Deverini, E. Deverini, P. Raymond, A. Grimaldi.