SOCOTEC announces launch of the single brand, SOCOTEC Certification International

certif2016 140x120The SOCOTEC Group, which has made certification one of the main thrusts of its growth strategy worldwide, has brought all of its certification activities together under a single brand, SOCOTEC Certification International.

Since the 2013 arrival of the Certification International network in the Group, SOCOTEC’s certification business has been conducted under two distinct brands: SOCOTEC Certification for France and Certification International for other countries.


From 1 November, following a series of customer events in countries where its subsidiaries operate, the single brand, SOCOTEC Certification International, will replace the two existing certification brands and will be displayed by all SOCOTEC certification subsidiaries.

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This single brand will enable the Group to unify its communications and will be synonymous with a harmonised level of quality and service.


SOCOTEC Certification International offers 25 years of experience, operations in 21 countries, a network of 400 auditors and close to 40 types of certification or approval through accreditations or certification, including COFRAC*, UKAS*, SAC* and PAB*. The company audits and certifies the management systems of its client organisations to meet their challenges and optimise their performance.

SOCOTEC Certification International conducts its business activities through five subsidiaries based in France, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore and the UK, as well as through its network of agents.
The main certification campaigns carried out are for ISO 9001 – Quality; ISO 14001 – Environment; OHSAS 18001 – Occupational health & safety; ISO 22000/FSSC – Food safety; ISO 27001 – Information security; ISO 55000 – Asset management; ISO 50001 – Energy; and a recent addition, AS 9110 – Aerospace.


* COFRAC: Comité Français d’Accréditation (French accreditation council) – UKAS: United Kingdom Accreditation Service – SAC: Singapore Accreditation Council – PAB: Philippines Accreditation Bureau