SOCOTEC and DS Avocats participate in the COP21 Solutions Exhibition

COP21 SOCOTECSOCOTEC and DS Avocats will participate in the COP21 Solutions Exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris from 4 to 10 December 2015.


Within the context of COP21 and government commitments, economic players are going to have to get to grips with the subject of climate change, including technical and legal aspects, and set in place actions allowing them to adapt and secure their production processes, organisation, selling methods and contracts.


In a partnership that will enable them to offer companies an integrated technical, regulatory and legal vision, SOCOTEC and DS Avocats will share a booth at the Solutions COP21 exhibition at the Grand Palais. This integrated approach will greatly improve the relevance and security of actions taken within an as yet uncertain framework.


SOCOTEC and DS Avocats experts will bring their expertise to the table at two conferences:

  • The health impacts of climate change - 11.00 to 12.00 on Tuesday, 8 December


- Jean Jouzel, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Vice-President of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

- Jean-René Brunetière, Professor, Climate Economics Chair, Paris-Dauphine University

- Patrick Lévy, Health & Product Safety Manager, SOCOTEC


- Patricia Savin, Associate Lawyer, DS Avocats


  • Feedback on the various technical and regulatory means used in France and the rest of Europe to encourage the reduction of CO2 emissions - 16.00 to 17.00 on Wednesday, 9 December


- Christian de Perthuis, Science Director, Climate Economics Chair, Paris-Dauphine University

- Patrice Rollet, Managing Director, Dehon Group

- Yvon Martinet, Associate Lawyer, DS Avocats


- Gilles Delteil, QHSE Business Development Director, SOCOTEC


Information and bookings on the Solutions COP21 website.