Assure your projects in BIM mode



Building Information Modelling (BIM) represents a deep revolution for all players in the construction and real estate sectors : owners, investors, real estate developers, project managers, asset, property and facility managers, maintainers, companies and more.

This working method requires finding new styles of organisation, new tools, new skills and new ways of thinking and of working. It also generates new challenges, whether technical or legal.


  • Achieve success in your BIM-mode projects and make sure you reach your objectives
  • Deploy BIM successfully in your processes and organisation
  • Improve your employees’ BIM skills
  • Ensure the quality and compliance of your digital models
  • Guarantee the compliance and compatibility of your buildings in the operational phase
  • Make sure that owners and operators deliver the right requirements to a BIM Model for planning team. Ensure that owners and operators get the right data in time


As a trusted partner, SOCOTEC helps you in optimising your processes and controlling your costs through the use of BIM. SOCOTEC provides you consultancy through the entire life cycle of your bim-mode projects.

  BIM project lifecycle SOCOTEC


* Certifications issued by SOCOTEC Certification France


plus pointA dedicated team of experts specialised in BIM
Support and consultancy for project management with a range of BIM management services from strategy to operation phases
State-of-the-art digital solutions to keep leveraging on your assets
25 years experience in Facility Management consulting and owners/operators needs


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