The history of a vocation: to commit to a safer world

SOCOTEC intervenes as a trusted partner to identify, assess and manage risks in the areas of quality, health and safety, and environment. We ensure the integrity and performance of assets and people’s safety, enabling companies in all sectors to anticipate change and be ready for the demands of the future. By managing their risks and optimising their performance, we give them the power of foresight, a forward-thinking vision so that, together, we can build a safer world.

SOCOTEC was formed in 1953 out of Bureau Sécuritas, France’s first building inspection body set up in 1929. It remains France’s market leader in construction and is now a European leader in TIC services for the construction and infrastructure sectors. The SOCOTEC Group has diversified its skills and business activities in the markets for construction, real estate, infrastructure, energy, industry, local authorities, services, healthcare and retail.

Our expertise covers four major types of service :

  • Inspection and measurement
  • Assistance and consultancy
  • Certification
  • Training

With operations in 25 countries, we support our clients all over the world throughout the lifecycle of their projects.

In march 2017, the SOCOTEC group acquires ESG, now SOCOTEC UK, the United Kingdom’s leading provider of TIC* services in the construction and infrastructure sectors.

This acquisition gave SOCOTEC a platform in the UK and doubled its revenue outside France to 30%.
SOCOTEC is developing a third platform in Germany, with the acquisitions of Pielok Marquardt and ZPP Ingenieure since May 2017.

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* TIC: Testing, Inspection, Certification