Technical Inspection & Verification

Operators of equipment, whether new or already in service: SOCOTEC will support you to ensure the safety of your installations and improve their performance.

For problem-free operation

Technical Inspection & VerificationAs the operator of equipment in use in your buildings or at your worksites: electrical installations, lifting devices, fire prevention installations, gas installations, lifts, machinery, pressurised equipment, radiological equipment, leisure equipment, etc. you are looking for the best way to achieve your performance and safety objectives.

Faced with this challenge, you wish:

  • to ensure the conformity of the equipment used with the regulations;
  • to optimise the maintenance and performance of your equipment;
  • to ensure the reliability and availability of your equipment;
  • to ensure the safety of your employees and of the users of the premises provided.

SOCOTEC can help you during the installation of new equipment, and then in its operational phase. Apart from regulatory inspection, SOCOTEC can offer you assistance and advice that is tailored to your needs, in order to guarantee the expected performance.

With its team of skilled specialists, SOCOTEC can meet your daily requirements and assist you throughout your projects: ensuring operational reliability and optimisation, conducting regulatory checks, analysing risks, making technological choices, selecting suppliers, measuring performance, arranging the reception of installations, and keeping up to date with new regulations.

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